All kinds of art happenings

We have been busy at B&M with all sorts of new and unexpected things. While we have been adjusting to switching gears from being full time teachers, back to full time artists, we are also using this lovely summer break to ponder new ways to utilize the space and engage our greater community in the arts while also are finalizing details for new shows going up. In addition, we have been hard at work, challenging ourselves and stepping outside of our comfort zone as we prepare some special collaborative work that we will be sharing with you all in the near future.

This Sunday, July 13th, B&M will be closed to the public as we are pleased and honored to be hosting a private event for the alumni of the ART21 Educator program. The program offers educators from varying disciplines, an amazing opportunity to participate in a year long professional development and ultimately become a member of a network of brilliant, inspired and thoughtful educators. For more information about ART21 and the ART21 Educator program, please visit


ART21 Educators working on a concept based fashion show.

ART21 Educators working on a concept based fashion show.

Feargal Doyle, may contain traces of nuts, Closing Party


Feargal Doyle, may contain traces of nuts, Closing Party

The image that you see here, is of Loi Kratong #4 and a site specific installation. This evening we will be having a closing party for New York artist, Feargal Doyle. If you haven’t had a chance o see his work in this show, I urge you to be spontaneous, revel in flexibility and change whatever plans you have in place and come join us at B&M Fine Art Studios as we continue to celebrate this artist’s work!


Big Rain, Hot Night, Great Art

I was a little worried that the impending rain was going to ruin our opening reception for Feargal but when Ryan and I stepped off the subway, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was hot hot hot. Twenty minutes after arriving at B&M, the heat intensified, the sky turned a dark slate gray and massive amounts of water poured down from the sky. Awesome.

Actually, it was awesome. Much of Feargal’s work contains materials collected in and is inspired by his residency in Thailand.  The hot summer-like rain accentuated the work and a surprising number of people slogged their way through the downpour to help in celebrating the opening of Feargal Doyle, may contain traces of nuts.

For those of you that could not attend the opening, the show is up all month. In addition, next week on Tuesday evening at 6pm, B&M Fine Art Studios will be hosting an artist talk with Feargal. We hope that you can join us.


may contain traces of nuts, Paintings by Feargal Doyle


Sidhhartha Ground Nuts 20x28in, acrylic on burlap, hi res

Upon seeing Feargal Doyle’s work when I went for a studio visit, I felt that I was being invited into a very beautiful world that had lots of little surprises. From little thread stitches on large paintings to vibrant, playful, abstract depictions of classic sandwiches there was much joy and a sense of freedom that transcended the canvases.

Please join us on Tuesday June 3rd, 6-8pm for the opening reception for Feargal Doyle. On June 10th at 6pm we will be having an artist talk with with him where you can learn more about his paintings and well as his path to becoming a visual artist.


Summer Season

As we are fast approaching the summer season, and our day job/teaching schedules are winding down, things are definitely warming up at B&M. This past Saturday we were delighted to screen The Abominable Crime and then afterward, chat with director Micah Fink. I hope you all have a chance to check out his documentaries. Go to to find out more.

We also just posted our summer programming and have created something for everyone or at least that is what we hope. As always, our blog is an organic means of communication so check back often to see what changes are being made to the content of the classes and Studio Intensives that we offer.

Last but not least, coming up in June, we will be showing the work of Feargal Doyle. I personally love his work, the colors and lines, the energy. I’m really excited about his upcoming opening reception. Details about Feargal’s show, coming soon.

Get out there and see some art or better yet, make some. 



The Abominable Crime

On May 24th, at 4:30 in the afternoon, B&M Fine Art Studios has a great opportunity to screen The Abominable Crime, a recently released documentary from Common Good Productions. The film, which is directed by Micah Fink, details the interconnected stories and lives of two gay Jamaicans and their personal encounters of violent homophobia which not only affects them but is a problem for the greater LGBT community of Jamaica. The film is scored by acclaimed composer, Amanda Harberg. This event is not to be missed. We have limited seating so be sure to reserve your seat on Eventbrite. Click our Events Film page to get your ticket at Eventbrite.